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About us

Kingdom Builder’s International Ministries

Exodus 40:4, 9,  Job 23:10-14

Statement of Faith:



Welcome to Kingdom Builders International Ministries. We are empowering God’s people with the mind of Christ. Bible, Chapter and Verse. If you have his word you will have his mind and you will have a kingdom builder’s experience

KBIM is committed to training and equipping the Body of Christ to grow in the word and prosper in every way in the things the Lord has chosen you to do in the spirit of excellence.  3rd John 2-4


KBIM is an apostolic international bible teaching ministry we move in the anointing of excellence with the spirit of integrity, we have a mandate to teach and develop the saints to the spirit of maturity to carry out their God given assignment. Ephesians 4:11-16

Leaders of KBIM:
Pastor Reginald Williams 

Apostolic Covering / Chief Apostle

Pastor of KBIM Temple

Prophetess Jacque Bell

Administrator / Shamar Prophet 

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