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About Our Chief apostle


Chief Apostle Brenda Hunter

        Chief Apostle Brenda J. Hunter is the leader of Kingdom Builders International Ministries located in the beautiful city of Temple TX. She was born in Anderson, South Carolina and as she was growing up she had little or no ministry or church training. She was married to her number one supporter of over fifty years, Sr. Elder Charles Hunter (1954-2022).  Throughout her life she has attributed her ministry experience through observation and life lessons.


            As a young child she grew up in various foster homes in which has helped her to prepare for transforming ministries. She has developed and organized many outreach programs throughout her life. One of them included the Tamar’s Healing clinic, which helped men and women who have suffered various types of abuse.


            Chief Apostle Hunter has always had a heart for bridging the gap between leaders and other churches. In 1998, she coordinated “The Pastor’s Conference.” It was designed to bring all leaders together regardless of race and denomination. Thereafter, in 1999 she birthed and founded Harvesting Souls for Christ International Ministries which later God would change the name to Kingdom Builders International Ministries and through this “harvest” she has gathered souls and prepared them for the fields. Chief Apostle Hunter has continually kept herself abreast in the Word of God by receiving a Certification in biblical studies from AMES Bible College in 2004.


            Seeing the need to educate the Body of Christ, Chief Apostle Hunter launched the Morning Star Training Institute in 2006 and in 2017 the name was changed to Global Training School. The purpose of the institute is to train, prepare, and teach the five-fold ministry along with developing leaders for international ministries. For over 12 years she served under the apostolic covering of RAM Ministry, Chief Apostle Robert L. Alexander Jr., Breath of Life Fellowship Church in Austin TX. She has many sons and daughters worldwide and covers several ministries. Kingdom Frontier Globalization Network now travels and does international seminars and development training. While global ministry and trips are in view, she currently resides in Belton, SC with her daughter (Carisha).

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